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Our Chardonnay is obtained following the oldest rules of cultivation, from pruning to harvest. It distinguishes itself from its delicate fragrance, reminiscent of fresh fruit and the sensation of a freshly cut pineapple. Its 12 year vineyard is located in a unique position where the sea air and warm August sun meet. The freshness and aromatic smoothness make it a precious wine from our land.

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Tenuta Gaggino S.s.a.

Registered office:
Cascina Viola, 206
Fr. Madonna della Villa
15071 Carpeneto (AL) - ITALY -

Sede Operativa:
Strada Sant'Evasio, 29
15076 Ovada (AL) - ITALY -

Phone: +39 0143 822345
Fax: +39 0143 824742


Our recipes

Look for recipes with which to pair our wines perfectly ...

"Turkey fricassee with porcini mushrooms"
In a pan melt the butter with two tablespoons of oil over a high heat, brown the turkey cut into medium sized pieces turning frequently, once browned take off the heat.
In the same pan ...
"Hare In Salmi"
Clean the Hare, cut into pieces and leave it to soak with the wine for 48 hours, in a terracotta pan with the mushrooms and herbs.
In the pan slowly fry ...